Votes are in!

Thank you to Crossroads residents for your participation in the Neighborhood Enhancement Program.

Three new capital improvement projects will be funded from the $439,000 Crossroads allotted budget, thanks to the 383 ballots that were returned:

NE 8th Tree Replacement: NE 8th from 136th Ave NE to 164th Ave NE

This project will replace the missing or dying flowering pear trees on NE 8th. This project will use a phased approach of tree replacement over the course of a few years using a mixture of attractive street trees known to thrive in our area. New irrigation systems will be installed to replace the current older system. Project Manager: Tom Kuykendall (425-452-7924);

148th Avenue NE Beautification: 148th Ave NE between NE 8th and BelRed Road

This project will provide for the beautification of 148th Ave NE on both sides of the road between the curb and the sidewalk. This project would focus on improvements to the areas adjacent to the road by removing degraded water inefficient grass, improving soil conditions, and designing and installing plant combinations. Plants would be chosen for their attractiveness, low maintenance and reduced water use. Project Manager: Tom Kuykendall (425-452-7924);

Streetlight at 140th Ave NE and NE 14th St: This project will install a new PSE-owned and maintained LED streetlight on the Southeast corner of 140th Ave NE and NE 14th St over the existing crosswalk. On-going electricity costs will be paid for by the city. Project Manager: Jeremy Chin (425-452-4179);

A Crossroads NEP Newsletter was mailed to each household in your area in mid-
September with complete voting results.

The Crossroads NEP kicked off in January 2020 with 67 resident-identified project ideas submitted. Those projects were then reviewed for accessibility, feasibility, cost, timeliness and maintainability to determine which were eligible to become ballot projects. Eight projects were chosen and voted on by area residents. The top three projects receiving votes (listed above) will be installed over the next 3-5 years.

NEP is a commitment from Bellevue’s City Council to provide residents with the opportunity to enhance their individual neighborhood areas through city-funded, small capital improvement projects. In 2015, the Council approved $5 million for the program over a seven-year period to serve two NEP programs a year. The budget is distributed among each of the NEP neighborhood areas, according to the number of households in each area.

For more information about the specifics of the city’s NEP program, contact NEP Coordinator, Theresa Cuthill at

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January 2020 - September 2020