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    The city tracks development activity in Bellevue and has permit data going back to 1998. That information is collected and presented in a variety of ways.

    • Building Bellevue Map: Interactive map with nearly real-time information about major projects downtown and in BelRed set for pre-application conference, design review or master development plan review.

    • City Capital Projects in Your Neighborhood Map: Interactive map of entire city, with popup screens with details about each capital project. Many projects have links to related web pages.

    • Major Projects List: Private projects in and around downtown and BelRed.

    • MyBuildingPermit Status Site: Permit status, history and other project information.

    • Permit Data on Open Data Portal: Development Services permitting data from 1998 through the present. Examples of permit data available on Bellevue's Open Data portal include Code Enforcement Activity, Design Reviews, Major Projects, New Home Permits and Noise Exemptions.

    • Permit Processing Timelines: Processing days by permit type.
    • Public Records Request: Submit a public records request to the city clerk.
    • Weekly Permit Bulletin: Official notice of land use applications, public meetings, decisions, recommendations, public hearings and appeals of land use decisions in Bellevue.

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