Check out what your neighbors are saying about NEP and learn about how you can participate in this informational video: What is NEP?


Wilburton residents – NEP is now in your neighborhood area!

Let us know what small capital projects you’d like to see implemented with the Wilburton area allocated $133,000 budget.

Be Creative!

Examples of past projects that your neighbors suggested during the 2008 NEP include;

  • Picnic Shelter in Wilburton Park
  • Off-Leash Dog area at Wilburton Park
  • Trail from Wilburton Park to 128th Ave, north of SE 4th Place 
  • Basketball Court at Wilburton Hill Park
  • NE 8th Street/NE 10th Place Pedestrian-Scale Light
  • Landscaping on Main Street (from Wilburton Park to Botanical Gardens) 
  • Sidewalk on 128th Ave SE, in front of International School 
  • Shoulder widening on 118th AVE SE, from Main Street southward


The NEP Project Idea Request Form has been mailed to each Wilburton household. Return this postage paid form by mail or submit your project ideas using the online project idea request form.

There is no limit on the number of project ideas that you can submit, but they all must be submitted and received at City Hall by Tuesday, May 19, 2020.


April 2020 - November 2020