Kelsey Creek Culvert at Lake Hills Project

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Kelsey Creek Culvert Crossing

Learn more and share input in the Online Open House
Kelsey Creek Culvert at Lake Hills Project Online Open House

The City of Bellevue is planning a project to improve sewer and water operations in the Kelsey Creek area, reduce flooding and replacing a culvert to provide sufficient water capacity and fish passage. The City is currently evaluating options for how to complete these upgrades and want your input.

Visit between December 9 and 23 to learn more about the project, options for solving the problem and next steps. Your input will help the project team select the best design alternative for the community.

The City of Bellevue’s water, sewer and stormwater systems deliver safe, clean water, move wastewater out of houses and reduce surface flooding. To ensure these services continue reliably, the City needs to replace the Lake Hills Boulevard culvert and repair and/or replace portions of the sewer and water system near Larsen Lake and the Lake Hills Greenbelt.

The Kelsey Creek Culvert at Lake Hills Project is in east Bellevue, near Larsen Lake and the Lake Hills Greenbelt. Lake Hills Boulevard runs through the project area, and its annual weekday traffic is more than 10,500 vehicles.

The project is partially funded by the King County Flood Control District.

Map showing area of impact for Kelsey Creek Culvert at Lake Hills Project

Why is this project needed?

There have been several drainage and flooding issues in recent years, including a water main break in the Federal Field parking lot, concerns about the capacity and instability of the Kelsey Creek culverts and significant maintenance needs for other sewer pipes in the area. To minimize disruption on the surrounding community, improve efficiencies between systems and keep costs down, the City will address all these issues at the same time.

The project goal is to develop a comprehensive solution for the Kelsey Creek culvert, Federal Field parking lot sewer and water pipes and sewer pipes next to Federal Field.

Project timeline

The project is in the alternative analysis phase, which is when the project team develops several options to solve the problem and ultimately selects one alternative that meets the project technical needs, is within budget and minimizes impacts on the community. Design will begin after the alternative has been selected, which is anticipated for early 2022. Construction is anticipated for 2024.

Project timeline for Kelsey Creek Culvert at Lake Hills Project

Community engagement

The City is hosting an Online Open House between December 9 and 23 to gather input on the best design alternative to help resolve drainage and flooding issue in the Kelsey Creek area. To share input, visit

Once an alternative is chosen, we will use several channels to share updates about the design process, including this project website,, community and business briefings and more.

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