NE Spring Boulevard

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NE Spring Blvd aerial view

Northeast Spring Boulevard is a new mile-long, multimodal, east-west roadway being built in phases from Northeast 12th Street to 136th Place Northeast. The new street bisects the BelRed area, improves mobility and helps unlock development potential in the area. Northeast Spring Boulevard also will accommodate regional trail connections and complement the future East Link light rail line, with light rail stations at 120th Avenue Northeast and 130th Avenue Northeast.

View aerial footage of the Northeast Spring Boulevard Corridor (May 2020)

NE Spring Blvd corridor map

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  • Open: Northeast Spring Boulevard from 116th Avenue Northeast to 120th Avenue Northeast.  The segment from 116th Avenue Northeast to the Eastrail (formerly Eastside Rail Corridor) was completed in early 2020. The segment from the Eastrail to 120th Avenue Northeast was completed in 2018.  The two segments opened concurrently in October 2020, along with the segment between 120th and 124th Avenues Northeast.
  • Open: Northeast Spring Boulevard from 120th Avenue Northeast to 124th Avenue Northeast. This segment opened in October 2020.
  • Pending funding: Northeast Spring Boulevard from 124th Avenue Northeast to 130th Avenue Northeast: This segment is not funded. Planned improvements include two-lane roadway extension, sidewalks and off-street bike path.
  • In design: Northeast Spring Boulevard from 130th Avenue Northeast to 132nd Avenue Northeast. Design is underway with construction anticipated to begin in summer 2021.
  • Under construction: Northeast Spring Boulevard from 132nd Avenue Northeast to approximately 137th Place Northeast and from 136th Place Northeast to Northeast 20th Street. These segments are being built by Sound Transit for light rail and include trackway, roadway, sidewalk improvements, bike lanes and landscaping. Visit Sound Transit’s Bel-Red/130th Station webpage for more information.  

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