• NE Spring Blvd: 130th - 132nd, Zone 4

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    NE Spring Blvd aerial view

    Spring Boulevard Zone 4 will extend the roadway east from 130th Avenue Northeast to 132nd Avenue Northeast. Features of the project will include one vehicle lane, a buffered bike lane and a sidewalk in each direction, along with landscaping.

    Sound Transit’s BelRed/130th light rail station will occupy the middle of Spring Boulevard, between the vehicle lanes. This project will add traffic signals at 130th and 132nd avenues to coordinate the movement of vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists with light rail trains, and will include better lighting and other improvements.


    Plans call for only the eastbound lane, south of the future light rail station, to be designed and built first. Sound Transit will use the area north of the station, where the westbound lane eventually will be, for construction staging.


    map of Spring Blvd. Zone 4 project

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    Zone 4 is one of several transportation system investments in the BelRed area that will improve mobility for cars, transit, freight, pedestrians and bicycles. The improvements will make it easier for people to move through BelRed, connecting with downtown Bellevue and the rest of the region. This project supports the redevelopment and vision for BelRed.


    • 2020-2021: Eastbound lane construction only
    • 2023: Westbound lane construction anticipated. The schedule for the westbound lane will be updated once more information is available.


    The total project budget of $16 million is partially funded by a federal Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) loan. More budget information.

    image of spring boulevard lane diagram

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