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Northeast Spring Boulevard, formerly Northeast 15th/16th Street, will be a new multi-modal road running east-west through the BelRed area. The new roadway has been divided into five zones for the purposes of design, environmental work, right-of-way and construction. A BelRed Transformation story map provides context.


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The four Northeast Spring Boulevard zones funded at this time:

  • Zone 1A: 116th Avenue Northeast is just west of the Eastrail (formerly known as the Eastside Rail Corridor.) It's under construction and slated for completion in early 2020. This new section will remain closed until late 2020 and open concurrently with Zone 2.
  • Zone 1B: Eastrail  to 120th Avenue Northeast. The project was completed in early 2018.
  • Zone 2: 120th Avenue Northeast to 124th Avenue Northeast. This project is funded through design.
  • Zone 4: 130th Avenue Northeast to 132nd Avenue Northeast.

NOTE: Zone 3, between 124th Avenue Northeast and 130th Avenue Northeast, will not have funding for a few years. Zone 5 will be built by Sound Transit in conjunction with its East Link light rail project.

Northeast Spring Boulevard also will accommodate regional trail connections and the future East Link light rail line, along with two light rail stations, at 120th Avenue NE and 130th Avenue NE.

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