120th Avenue NE Corridor

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120th Avenue NE Corridor

Bellevue, Sound Transit and King County are working together to determine the feasibility of a project that to realign 120th Avenue Northeast, from Northeast 16th Street (currently planned for but not yet built) to Northup Way. It would be a continuation of previous corridor upgrades -- between Northeast Fourth and Northeast 16th streets -- that were completed in three phases from 2013 to 2018. Like earlier work, the fourth phase would support growth and redevelopment in the Bel-Red and Wilburton areas. Improvements have been done in coordination with Sound Transit’s East Link light rail project.

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Design work is happening through a Three Party Agreement approved in 2015. An evaluation is being coordinated with a planned Transit-Oriented Development near Sound Transit’s Operations and Maintenance Facility-East, located on the west side of 120th Avenue Northeast. Design elements that will be considered in the feasibility study include:

  • Widening the road from two to up to four through lanes, with a center lane that can be configured as needed to improve safety and vehicle circulation
  • New pedestrian and bicycle facilities on both sides of the street, providing safe access to the future light rail station and nearby trail 
  • Removal and replacement of the existing Kelsey Creek West Tributary culvert under the roadway to allow improved passage for fish and other wildlife and associated stream restoration
  • Upgrade utility and stormwater facilities
  • Improve traffic signals, street lighting, landscaping, retaining walls and signage
  • Update pavement and striping

Design for this phase is anticipated to be complete in late 2022. Funding for right-of-way property acquisition and construction has not yet been secured.  

Online open house information and comments

An online open house for this project was held March 29-April 16, 2021. Preliminary design concepts for roadway sections, a trail crossing and urban design features, plus comments made by open house attendees are available at EngagingBellevue.com  


  • 2020-2021: Work on project design to achieve 60% level of completion
  • 2022: Complete design work
  • 2023-2024: Project construction (right-of-way acquisition and construction are not currently funded)


Engineering design (to 60% level of completion) and coordination of work is funded by the City’s Capital Investment Program and estimated at approximately $3 million. The project will complete final design with Puget Sound Regional Council- Surface Transportation Program funding at approximately $1.46 million. Right-of-way acquisition and construction are not currently funded.

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