Parks and Open Space System Plan

About every six years, Bellevue updates its Parks & Open Space System Plan. The City Council adopted the current plan in early 2016.

The Parks & Open Space System Plan contains the community's long-range vision for acquisition and development of parks and trails and preservation of open space. It also sets the standards whereby the park, trail and open space system is operated and maintained over time.

Many of Bellevue's parks and trails that we use and treasure today were first conceived as an idea in the Parks & Open Space System Plan.

How Can You Be Involved?

What is your dream for the Bellevue Parks, Trails and Open Space System? Read the Parks & Open Space Plan, and let us know what you think. You can call, or write down your thoughts and mail or email them to:

Camron Parker
Parks & Community Services
PO Box 90012
Bellevue, WA 98009-9012

2016 Parks & Open Space System Plan

Download the entire plan; clicking on a chapter title in the Table of Contents will lead you to that section of the Plan.

Citywide Maps

Project Maps by Subarea