CIP Online Open House

Bellevue Utilities invites the public to learn about its proposed capital projects for the next seven years. Residents can view the projects in the documents below and on the Utilities Capital Investment Program (CIP) webpage.

Rates pay for more than water

When Bellevue residents pay their utility bill, they also support the system that delivers their services. The average Bellevue Utilities customer spends $6.02 a day for drinking water, sewer and stormwater drainage services. Of that, 30 percent, or $1.80, goes toward supporting utilities capital projects.

This infrastructure helps to do the following:

  • Deliver some of the best tasting and safest water with over 600 miles of water mains and 24 reservoirs that have a storage capacity of over 40 million gallons.
  • Reduce polluted stormwater runoff in streams. Utilities protects over 80 miles of open streams and more than 800 acres of protected wetlands.
  • Protect your health by preventing sewage overflows. Utilities safely delivers wastewater to King County treatment facilities through more than 500 miles of sewer mains.

Capital Investment Program (CIP) planning

The Utilities 7-year CIP plan is updated every two years during the budget process. An Overview of the Utilities 2021-2027 Capital Investment Program is summarized in this brief overview.

Utilities CIP projects include replacement of aging pipes, pumps and reservoirs as well as construction of new ones for a growing Bellevue. Designed to support Bellevue’s high-quality drinking water, sewer and stormwater drainage services, these planned projects help ensure Bellevue residents continue to receive the services they rely on now and in the future.

Invitation to public comment

It is important to know how your rates are being invested into your services. By opening the links below, Bellevue Utilities customers can view the proposed 2021-2027 Utilities CIP plan and provide comments in the connected tab. The period of comment is open through July 9, 2020.

How will your comments be used?

After the public comment period:

  1. Comments and associated Utilities responses will be presented to and reviewed by the Environmental Services Commission at its July 16 meeting. The commission advises the City Council on utility-related issues, including capital project financing.
  2. The ESC will provide its recommendations regarding utilities capital projects at its next scheduled meeting on August 6. The finalized 2021-27 Utilities CIP plan will be presented to the City Council for approval in November.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about these proposed projects that support your utility services. We appreciate your feedback.

2021-2027 CIP Proposed Plan documents: