Temporary Fire Hydrant Permits

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Temporary Fire Hydrant Permits allow customers to utilize water temporarily from a City of Bellevue hydrant. The designated hydrant must be fitted with a city hydrant meter/RPBA cart to allow for the tracking and billing of water usage, and ensure the safety of the city’s water system. Temporary Fire Hydrant Permits will be provided on a 90-day basis, generally provided in cases where new or redeveloped construction sites are in need of temporary water sources.

Renewals or extensions may be available upon request and approval, provided at the discretion of the program administrator(s).

All permit holders must follow the Hydrant Permit Requirements. Permits may be revoked if any hydrant permit requirements are not followed properly.

What does the Temporary Fire Hydrant Permit Cost?

Fees for Temporary Fire Hydrant Permits and Meters are as follows:

  • Hydrant Meter Permit Fee $240
  • Meter & RPBA Cart Deposit (Refundable) $1,500
  • Monthly Equipment Rental Fee $50
  • Water usage fee $8.52 per ccf

Accepted forms of payment include: Visa, Mastercard, or check. Permits are valid from January 1 through December 31. Renewal may be available upon request.

How do I get a Temporary Fire Hydrant Permit?

To receive a temporary fire hydrant permit please complete and submit the online application (found below). If you need to renew your existing permit, please complete and submit the renewal application (found below).

All applications should be submitted to backflow@bellevuewa.gov.

General hydrant permit questions can be answered by calling 425-452-4201 during regular business hours. For billing questions call 425-452-6989.

How long will it take to get my hydrant meter and permit?

Hydrant meter applications will be reviewed for approval within 5-business days of receiving. City of Bellevue Utilities Backflow Program staff will then contact you to set up an appointment for installation.

Necessary Forms and Documents

Tank Lot Permits

Typically used by mobile water tank companies to fill water at designated hydrants within the city. A Bellevue Utilities Drinking Water Quality Staff is required to confirm and inspect an approved air gap between the fill piping and the receiving vessel, therefore a tanker inspection is required prior to a permit being issued.

Please call Backflow Prevention in advance for an inspection appointment at 425-452-4201, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. or e-mail backflow@bellevuewa.gov.

Tank Lot Permits are issued on a calendar year basis, from January 1 through December 31st of each year. Permits may be accessed any time during the year but permit fees remain the same and all permits expire on December 31st of the year the permit was administered.

Tank Lot Permit holders are required to report their water usage on a monthly basis. The Monthly Water Usage Form is due to City of Bellevue Utilities Finance team by the 15th of each month, even if no water is used.

If permit holder fails to report water usage by the 15th of the month the City of Bellevue reserves the right to charge permit holder for daily water usage at their trucks maximum capacity for unreported time.

If permit holder reports no water usage for 90-days City of Bellevue reserves the right to revoke permit. Customer must wait 90-days to re-apply for a tank lot permit.

For information on how to operate a hydrant please see “Hydrant Operation” section on the Hydrant Permit Requirements page.

What does the Tank Lot Permit cost?

Tank Lot Permits are issued as a yearly one-time fee:

  • Tank Lot Fee $260
  • Water usage fee $8.52 per ccf

Necessary Forms and Documents:

Failure to comply with the standard requirements can result in the immediate termination of this permit and the issuance of any applicable fines per Bellevue Civil Enforcement code chapter 1.18 and is subject to escalating enforcement including up to $500 per day per violation and up to $5,000 per day for repeat violations.