Temporary Hydrant Permit FAQs

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Some web browsers do not allow you to submit documents at all, in which case please save file to your computer and then submit and/or e-mail completed document to backflow@bellevuewa.gov.

Some versions of Adobe allow you to complete forms with digital signatures, if this is the case the signature field in the document should work fine. However, if you do not have a version of Adobe that allows for the use of digital signatures you may also add a signature using the “Fill and Sign” feature in adobe if this is available. If none of these options are available please print and manually sign the document to certify all information is correct.

To ensure the safety of our water system the City of Bellevue does not allow customers to purchase and use their own meters and backflow devices. City of Bellevue staff will provide meters and backflow devices to approved applicants, and ensure meters and tested and certified prior to every use.

To ensure the proper maintenance, availability and repair schedule of our fire hydrants the City of Bellevue Utilities Department only allows temporary connections to its fire hydrants. Temporary permits are also given under the assumption that the need for water on project/construction site is temporary and if a more permanent water source/solution is needed it will be addressed quickly to ensure proper, regular billing of water and reduce the safety risk to our water system.

Initial deposit and permit fees are issued by permit, regardless if permit is utilized less than the allowed 90-days. Water usage fees will be based on the meter read when meter is uninstalled and determined at time of pick-up. Monthly rental fees will be charged on a monthly basis, without pro-rating within a month. For example, if a permit is terminated mid-month customer will still be charged the full monthly rental fee.

To terminate your permit prior to the end date please contact the City of Bellevue Utilities Backflow Program at backflow@bellevuwa.gov or 425-452-4201. At this time the Backflow Program staff can help you schedule the uninstall of the equipment.