Temporary Hydrant Permit Requirements

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Hydrant & Meter Safety

Once meters are initially installed permit holders are responsible for the safety of the hydrant and attached devices.

Equipment Loss or Damage

In the event the hydrant, meter, backflow device, or any city-owned attachments are damaged please call the City of Bellevue Utilities Backflow Program staff at (425) 452-4201 to report any issues. Permit holders may be charged for any damages that occur after initial installation.

Hydrant Operation

Permit holders may need to remove meter/backflow cart from hydrant to store cart for safety or other related reasons. In the event that the cart must be re-attached to a hydrant please follow the hydrant operation procedures carefully.

1. Operate only the hydrant you are authorized to use.

2. Verify hydrant is shut off, remove the port cap and install meter and backflow assembly.

3. Open the hydrant operating nut slowly, (one revolution per second) and completely. The gate valve on the hydrant port is to be used for throttling and the operating nut must be fully open to eliminate leakage through the hydrant drain valve.

4. When completed, turn the operating nut slowly to the closed position - Do not force.

5. Remove equipment, check for leaks, and replace port cap. Hydrant should drain empty.

6. Report any hydrant problems or damage immediately: 425-452-7840, (24 hours)