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Customer Tip:

Don’t Flush Trouble! Use the Trash Not the Toilet

Flushing anything but toilet paper can cause massive sewage clogs – causing overflows that might damage property and hurt the environment, including our lakes and streams. Don’t believe those ads promoting so-called “flushable” products that can supposedly be safely disposed of in your toilet.

Bellevue Utilities’ 36 pump stations are in constant operation – pumping our wastewater to the treatment plant. However, the stations require continual maintenance to free them of paper towels, tissues, wet wipes and other products that should have been put in the trash.

Pump stations throughout the city are located in public spaces, shopping centers and residential areas – and when not treated kindly pose a threat. So please do not flush paper towels, facial tissue, cotton swabs, personal and baby wipes, hair, dental floss, feminine hygiene products or cat litter.