East Main Station FAQs

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The East Main light rail Station will be built as part of the Central Bellevue Segment of East Link along with the Spring District 120th, Bellevue Downtown and Wilburton stations. 

This at-grade station bordering the Surrey Downs neighborhood will be located south of the intersection of 112th Avenue SE and Main Street. It will be the last stop into Bellevue Downtown before light rail trains enter the Downtown Tunnel.

his station will be located at grade and feature covered bicycle storage as well as passenger drop-off/pick-up areas. It is nestled into the hillside and is bordered by Surrey Downs Park. See the Sound Transit schematic below for visual reference.

East Main Station

Yes, Sound Transit is working with artist Celeste Cooning on a fence separating the corridor's new multi-use path from the light rail tracks. The fence will be based on a visual vocabulary of patterns and motifs she invented for the project, using shapes adapted from mid-century modern architecture and textiles. Cooning's project will serve as a backdrop for the public as it passes along the length of the tracks in this part of Bellevue.

Construction of the station and alignment is expected to complete by the end of 2020. Sound Transit will undergo a one-year testing period following the completion of the East Link segment. You will begin to see empty trains running along the tracks but they will not be ready for passengers until 2023.
No. A new commuter parking lot is not being constructed at this station. The two park and rides built as part of East Link will be located at South Bellevue Station and Bel-Red/130th Station

 Trains will depart from this station every 6 minutes during peak hours. It will take approximately 17 minutes from East Main Station to International District/Chinatown Station where one can continue towards the University of Washington or transfer to access Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Yes, once construction of the East Main station is complete, Sound Transit will deed two acres to the City for a new park. The park will extend a full block on the south side of Main Street between 110th and 112th Avenues. It will provide a green buffer between the higher-density, mixed use developments north of Main Street and the single-family neighborhoods south of Main Street.

View schematic of the new park.

The new park, which opened in June 2019, features a "Great Lawn" ringed by a pedestrian path, playground, sport court, picnic shelters, a restroom and parking. Berms and lookouts provide territorial views toward Mount Rainier and opportunities to watch East Link trains when they begin running. A large meadow area offers space for pickup soccer, throwing a Frisbee or picnicking. The transformation of the 10.5-acre property at 11177 SE 4th Street follows acquisition from the county in 2005, the adoption of the final master plan in 2015 and construction in 2018.

An update to the Surrey Downs Park Master Plan was approved by the City Council in Nov. 2015. The update was needed as a result of the East Link 112th Avenue Southeast alignment being decided.

East Link will include six new light rail stations in the city, five of them are within Bellevue’s defined growth corridor, including East Main, Downtown Bellevue, Wilburton, Spring District/120th and BelRed/130th. The city’s planning for growth includes developing new mixed-use urban neighborhoods, with bold new visions, centered around transit and multimodal transportation options.

East Link construction noise mitigation: Temporary sound walls (20-foot in height) have been installed at the south tunnel portal (Main St/112th Avenue SE) to reduce noise from construction activities. Sound Transit plans to conduct construction activities during exempt hours; therefore construction mitigation is not required. Homeowners identified by the City as being directly impacted by construction activities conducted beyond the normal construction hour limits will be offered a noise-reduction product by Sound Transit.

Train operation noise mitigation: Mitigation identified during the noise analysis for East Link recognized the need for noise mitigation along 112th Avenue SE adjacent to Surrey Downs Park. Mitigation includes sounds walls at the north and south ends of the park and landscaped terraces with low retaining walls through the parks center area. Once Sound Transit’s contractor releases its work schedule, the timing of the demolition of residential structures along 112th will be better known as will the timing of the building the permanent sound walls.

View the Mitigation Map (Jan. 2018) that shows temporary mitigation during construction and permanent mitigation once the trains are operational.

Yes. Station area planning for East Main was completed in Summer 2016 through the work of a Citizen Advisory Committee. The East Main Station Area Plan was adopted in August 2016.

The East Main Station Area Plan contains recommendations for development of the area around the East Main light rail station. The recommendations were developed by a citizen advisory committee (CAC) appointed by the City Council. The CAC held meetings from September 2014 through June 2016.

The Planning Commission is considering changes to the zoning map and zoning code, Comprehensive Plan and land use code that would support the recommendations in the East Main Station Area Plan. Public input opportunities are available. Visit the East Main Transit-Oriented District project page for more information.

Bellevue’s Noise Control Code (Noise Code) regulates and establishes permissible noise levels based on the type of land use (e.g. residential, business or commercial). The code also sets daytime noise levels in residential areas at a maximum of 55 dBA (decibel level) and nighttime (between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.) at a maximum of 45 decibels.

Construction noise is allowed between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday. Construction noise is prohibited beyond these hours, on Sunday, and on certain holidays, unless otherwise allowed by a city-approved permit. The Noise Code does contain exemption provisions.

In 2017, the City approved an expanded exempt work hours permit for the Central Bellevue segment (Permit 17-102696). The permit allowed for work beyond regulated hours per the city’s Noise Code so that the long-span aerial guideway over I-405 and the guideway across NE 8th Street could be installed.

The following are ways to receive East Link construction updates:

Sound Transit

  • Subscribe to receive updates via text or email
  • Contact the Outreach Office at 206-398-5465

City of Bellevue

  • Subscribe to receive updates via text or email
  • Contact Marie Jensen, East Link Outreach Lead at 425-452-2064

If you have a concern or question about light rail construction, please contact:

Sound Transit/East Link Outreach Office

  • 206-398-5465
  • eastlink@soundtransit.org
  • 1-888-298-2395 (24-hour construction hotline)

City of Bellevue

  • Marie Jensen, East Link Outreach, 425-452-2064 or mjensen@bellevuewa.gov
  • Submit a service request with the MyBellevue app