Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Committee

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The Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Committee (NTMC) included a broad and geographically balanced representation from the neighborhoods of Bellecrest, Enatai and Surrey Downs and Beaux Arts Village. Membership included one member of the Board of the above listed neighborhoods and seven “community-at-large” members. In its early formation, the Committee recommended mitigation with a "monitor and response" approach.

The NTMC was extremely sensitive to recommending mitigation that is intended to discourage commuter traffic and recognizes how mitigation also impacts residents. While the pilot restrictions came with changes for residents in accessing their neighborhoods, the intent is to discourage commuter traffic from using neighborhood streets to reach their destination. 

Meeting packet information is contained in the tab accordions below.

2016 Proposed South Bellevue Traffic Mitigation Plan

In September 2016, residents of Bellecrest, Enatai, Surrey Downs and Beaux Arts Village received a mailer which sought their feedback on a draft traffic mitigation plan to be implemented during East Link construction on Bellevue Way and 112th Avenue Southeast. The draft plan recommended strategic turn restrictions at key entrances in/out of these neighborhoods to deter commuter traffic from using neighborhood streets and is the recommendation of the NTMC. Residents in the impacted neighborhoods were asked to complete an online survey; feedback was  shared with the NTMC . The draft plan as proposed to residents was not pursued.

Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Kick-off Meeting

The city’s Transportation Department hosted an informational meeting on April 27, 2016 with the Bellecrest, Enatai and Surrey Downs neighborhoods and Beaux Arts Village to share background on known areas of traffic conditions and constraints, to receive additional feedback on other areas of concerns as they relate to East Link construction, and to address the next steps to form the South Bellevue East Link Construction NTMC. Below are the materials from the initial meeting: