Sewer Service

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In Case of Emergency

Call the Wastewater Operation and Maintenance Division immediately if sewage is coming up inside your home or business when you are not using any water, including laundry and dish washers. Wastewater staff will ask a few pertinent questions and dispatch a maintenance crew if needed. Maintenance crews are available 24 hours a day at 425-452-7840 or 911 after business hours.

Call a private service if you have slow drainage
or suspect a blockage. The problem is likely in your side sewer line.

Our System

Wastewater is all the water that leaves the inside of your home or business through sinks, toilets, washing machines, etc. and enters Bellevue's wastewater (sewage) collection system. Wastewater then flows through city-owned and maintained pipes into King County's regional sewage system, where it is treated to meet federal and state water quality standards.


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Bellevue's Wastewater Division is responsible for maintenance and repairs of the main sewer lines, including the service connections within the city's right of way and dedicated easements. 


All wastewater that flows from a Bellevue home or business travels through city-owned wastewater pipes and pump stations, is treated at King County’s Renton or Brightwater treatment plant. Bellevue Utilities operates and maintains all wastewater pipes and pump stations to ensure reliable service and prevent overflows into streams, lakes, and onto private property. Bellevue’s wastewater service area covers over 37 square miles, including Beaux Arts,

Bellevue’s wastewater system serves over 37,000 customers and includes:

  • 13,000+ maintenance holes
  • 520 miles of mainline pipes
  • 46 pump and flush stations
  • 34 major connections to the King County wastewater system
  • 19 miles of lake lines

Private sewer pipe location

If you want to know where your sewer pipes are located on your property, call 425-452-4187, and a utilities employee will provide what information is available. The City does not perform locates on private property.