• NE 12th Street Multipurpose Path

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    Northeast 12th Street at 110th Avenue Northeast

    The NE 12th Street Multipurpose Path project, from 108th to 112th Avenue NE, is part of a long-range plan to create a corridor for people who walk and bicycle. That plan calls for connecting Downtown to the rapidly growing BelRed and Overlake areas. 

    The newest segment will connect to an existing wide path that crosses over I-405, from 112th to 116th Avenue NE. In late 2020, the multipurpose path will be extended farther east to 124th Avenue NE with the opening of Spring Boulevard, a new roadway being built through the BelRed area. NE 12th Street Multipurpose Path is funded as part of the  Downtown Transportation Plan


    The multipurpose path, from 108th to 112th Avenue NE, will pass through McCormick Park but will have minimal impact on how the park has has historically functioned. Elements of the project will include:

    • Expansion of the existing 5-foot wide sidewalk to a 12-foot wide multipurpose path
    • Expansion of the current planter strip from 3 feet to 5 feet wide
    • Landscaping to buffer the multipurpose path from the roadway
    • Restoration of park landscaping impacted by construction
    • Retention of the existing gravel path within the park
    • New signage with safety messages along the path
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    • Project design is expected to be completed in July 2020
    • Contract bid and award is expected to be completed by August 2020
    • Construction is anticipated to begin in fall 2020 and last through spring 2021 (Construction schedules are subject to change and often do)


    This project is funded by the Downtown Transportation Plan Implementation Program and the construction estimate at the 90% design mark is $1.2 million.

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