Healthy Streets

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As part of the city’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Transportation Department implemented a Healthy Streets pilot (Calles Saludables, 贝尔维尤健康街道). Residential streets in four neighborhoods were temporarily closed to non-local motor vehicle traffic to provide more room for people to safely move while physical distancing during COVID-19. Local access for residents and essential services continued, as well as on-street parking.


Transportation staff completed an evaluation to understand how people used Healthy Streets, what they liked and what concerns they had about them. Based on community feedback, planning is underway for potential next steps, including redeployment, new seasonal programs, and infrastructure improvements. Staff will engage with residents to help decide where and how to implement Healthy Streets or projects like it in 2021.


The Healthy Streets pilot began on May 7, 2020 along SE 4th Street in Lake Hills and 165th/166th Avenues in Northeast Bellevue. After a positive reception to the first two streets, the pilot was expanded in early June to two new streets in Northwest Bellevue and Newport Hills, plus an extension to 165th/166th Avenues in east Bellevue.

The streets selected for the Healthy Streets pilot were chosen because they have relatively low traffic volumes, are near other streets that drivers can use to avoid long detours, are long enough to provide a good route for riding and walking, lack sidewalks or connect to parks and commercial centers that provide essential services. Consideration was also given to geographic distribution and resident demographics.

The pilot concluded on October 2 due to seasonal equipment and maintenance needs.

Map of all Healthy Streets locations

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