Access Bellevue

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The Access Bellevue initiative is a collaborative communications effort to keep the public informed about East Link light rail and surrounding construction occurring in Bellevue.

Access Bellevue mailer 

Access Bellevue Front Cover

Homes and businesses in Bellevue have received an "Access Bellevue" mailer (booklet) that includes a recap and look ahead of East Link light rail construction, an update on city projects and initiatives in BelRed, a status of park improvements, and resource lists for businesses, neighborhoods and commuters. 

Access Bellevue Communications Committee

In late 2016, the city formed the Access Bellevue Communications Committee as an information-sharing network. Representatives include large and small employers, transportation and transit agencies and business advocacy organizations. The committee is typically convened when there are significant construction updates to share that will present mobility impacts in and around Bellevue. Typically, Sound Transit provides an update on East Link light rail construction.

Bellevue Traveler Information Survey Results

In July 2017, an online survey was conducted to find out how people who commute to/from Bellevue get traveler information about Bellevue.

Access Bellevue Resources