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Bellevue’s strong, creative sector contributes to our economic vibrancy, quality of life, business attraction and talent recruitment. The City of Bellevue Art & Culture Program invests in a robust public arts program and support for cultural organizations. Events and festivals occur throughout Bellevue and the city’s digital creative sector hosts some of the world’s most influential AR/VR and interactive media firms.

BelRed Arts District: The BelRed Arts District was first designated as an "arts village" as part of the 2009 BelRed Land Use Code Update that transformed the vision for BelRed from a light industrial and commercial area into a mixed-use dense urban district. The "arts district" term began to be used because it more closely aligns with the current condition in BelRed – a wide array of arts organizations, businesses, artists, musicians and makers working across the district. The City of Bellevue is invested in bringing the BelRed Arts District vision to life. Upcoming projects include public art wrapped utility boxes and multiple permanent public artworks. The City of Bellevue is also working towards the launch of a BelRed Arts District implementation planning project that will work to further establish the district.  Reach out to get involved. 

Art on the Grand Connection: Art is an important element to the Grand Connection, a pedestrian corridor to connect Meydenbauer Bay with the Wilburton area through downtown. The project will create new opportunities to activate public space and exhibit Bellevue's wealth of creativity, art and culture as identified in chapter 6 of the Grand Connection plan.

Bellwether: Bellwether is the City of Bellevue's annual contemporary arts festival.  Two years rolled into one will make for a very exciting Bellwether in September 2021. 2021’s show will feature video and digital artworks, a special focus on the medium of glass, and events and performances.

Affiliated with an arts, cultural or heritage nonprofit?

The Eastside Arts and Culture Coalition is a new group of Eastside-based arts and cultural nonprofit organizations that is focused on promoting and advocating for the arts on the Eastside and information sharing across the cultural nonprofit sector. To find out more about the coalition or attend one of their meetings, reach out for details.