• Technology for Safety and Traffic Management

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    Technology for safety and traffic management projects address the city’s capability to implement and respond to technology that improves safety, traffic flow, and traveler information, and other emerging technology, such as connected and autonomous vehicles. The technology is often referred to as Intelligent Transportation Systems, or ITS. Project descriptions, project costs and levy funding are subject to change. The following projects, along with all Levy-funded projects, can be found on an interactive map.

    • ITS -- Communications upgrade: Upgrades to provide additional network capacity and redundancy for city’s Intelligent Transportation System. Also included planning, design and system integration to install citywide travel time system.
    • ITS -- LED street light upgrades: Replace existing high pressure sodium lights with light emitting diode (LED) light fixtures at Richards Rd., from Lake Hills Connector to SE 32nd St.; Bel-Red Rd./NE 12th St., from Bellevue Way to 130th Ave. NE.
    • ITS Network Communication Upgrade Phase 2: As part of upgrading the city’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), continue the expansion of 10GB network to the remainder of the traffic signals in Bellevue.
    • Traffic Operations Performance Monitoring Phase 2: Phase 1 of this program is procuring a software program that can provide intersection level performance data out of the signal system that synchronizes traffic lights in Bellevue for optimal traffic flow. Phase 2 will integrate intersection data into a dashboard for monitoring that will include arterial performance information.
    • Transportation Technology Partnership Support: Invest in new transportation technology partnerships, leverage grant opportunities, hire consultants, support multi-agency partnerships and fund emerging technologies.
    • New ITS partnerships: Through partnerships, address city’s capability to implement and respond to emerging technology -- such as connected and autonomous vehicles -- that improves safety, traffic flow, and traveler information.