Neighborhood Congestion Reduction

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Congestion reduction projects ease traffic congestion within, near and between neighborhoods, making it easier for people to get to homes, jobs, schools and shopping. Approximately $2 million of levy funding supports the Neighborhood Congestion Reduction program annually. Project descriptions, project costs and levy funding are subject to change. The following projects, along with all Levy-funded projects, can be found on an interactive map.

Traffic Studies

Prior to beginning the Neighborhood Congestion Reduction Program in 2017, there were a limited number of projects that had been studied and had concepts developed for addressing congestion issues. A list of potential projects was created based on community input and prior planning studies. These projects were ranked based on scoring criteria developed with the support of the Transportation Commission. Studies of the top ranked projects were kicked off in 2018.

At its September 26, 2019 meeting, the Transportation Commission considered recommended projects intended to reduce neighborhood traffic congestion. Staff presented a summary of findings and results of the project scoring based on criteria previously established by the Commission. Scoring the projects helped to prioritize projects but does not guarantee projects will advance. Packet materials from meeting are below:

Current information and the final reports from these studies are listed below. 

Design and Construction

Projects that show a great need for congestion improvement and have a concept that shows a high benefit will be the first to receive funding for design and construction. Information about Neighborhood Congestion Reduction projects that are in design or construction is provided below.

  • 112th Avenue NE Corridor Improvements: Design and construct a traffic signal at the NE 24th Street and 112th Ave NE intersection and replace root-damaged sidewalk panels to meet accessibility requirements and update curb ramps to current standards.  Install a third rectangular rapid flashing beacon mid-block pedestrian crossing on 112th Ave NE and upgrade conduit infrastructure for streetlighting system.   (Also listed under Safety and Maintenance).
  • 164th Avenue SE at SE Newport Way Mini-roundabout: Design and construct a mini-roundabout at the intersection. Project is at substantial completion (Jan. 2020)
  • 150th Avenue SE at Newport Way: Complete the design plans for widening and channelization at 150th Ave NE and SE Newport Way to reduce travel time in afternoon peak hours. NOTE: Construction for this project is not funded by the Levy. This project includes construction of a new southbound right turn lane on 150th Ave. SE at SE Newport Way. The new lane will include sidewalk from Newport Way down the west side of 150th Ave SE to the six homes along this section of the roadway.
    • Update (Dec. 2019): Construction of the southbound right-turn lane and sidewalk were planned to be finished by the end of 2019. However, due to design adjustments of the retaining wall on the east side of 150th Avenue SE, the southbound right-turn lane construction will begin in Feb. 2020 and be complete by May 2020.
  • School area traffic management: In partnership with the Bellevue School District, evaluate and monitor school pick up and drop off queuing operations to minimize or eliminate spill over onto city streets.