Neighborhood Congestion Reduction

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Questionnaire: Intersection Studies on 156th Avenue SE

Traffic analysis reports are being prepared for three intersections on 156th Avenue SE: Lake Hills Boulevard, SE 16th Street and SE 24th Street/SE 22nd Place. The reports are based on congestion reduction studies and public feedback received to date. As a last opportunity to comment, area neighbors are encouraged to comment on the draft alternatives for each intersection by completing an online questionnaire by Friday, June 14, 2019, 5p.m. Upon request, the online comment form is available in Spanish, Chinese and other languages by calling 425-452-2064.

Congestion reduction projects ease traffic congestion within, near and between neighborhoods, making it easier for people to get to homes, jobs, schools and shopping. Approximately $2 million of levy funding supports the Neighborhood Congestion Reduction program annually. Project descriptions, project costs and levy funding are subject to change

Traffic Studies

Prior to beginning the Neighborhood Congestion Reduction Program, in 2018, there were a limited number of projects that had been fully evaluated. Scoring criteria based on the level of congestion and safety considerations was developed to rank newly identified projects. The following intersection projects were selected for further analysis and design work has begun through consultant contracts:

Intersections Study on 156th Ave SE

  • 156th Ave SE at Lake Hills Blvd
  • 156th Ave SE at SE 16th St.
  • 156th Ave SE at SE 24th St.

Last opportunity to comment on proposed alternatives:
Traffic analysis reports are being prepared for the three intersections. As a final opportunity to comment, neighbors are asked to submit comments by June 14, 2019. Details in mailer ( with Spanish and Chinese translation).

  • 156th Intersections Study Comment Form - Chinese

  • 156th Intersections Study Comment Form - Spanish

Preliminary findings and recommendations were presented at the Study Update Meeting held on April 3, 2019 . Attendees reviewed display boards and spoke with staff and consultants. The formal presentation provided visuals and background as to the how the public feedback heard at the Jan. 29 Open House helped to inform the preliminary findings and recommendations. An Open House was held on Jan. 29, 2019 to gather feedback on how to improve traffic flow and safety at these three intersections. Display boards presented at Open House.

For questions or comments, contact Darek Jarzynski, project manager, at 425-452-4277.

SE 8th Street and Lake Hills Connector Intersections Study

The Feb. 11 Open House has been rescheduled to Tues. March 26, 5:30-7:30p.m., Bellevue Botanical Garden. Thank to those who attended the March 26 Open House and spoke with city staff and consultants. Open House Display boards.

  • 121st Ave SE at SE 8th Street
  • Lake Hills Connector at SE 8th Street
  • Richards Road at Lake Hills Connector

For questions or comments, contact Jun An, project manager, at 425-452-4230.

Lakemont Blvd SE at Forest Drive SE Intersections Study
Thank you to those who attended the Feb. 20 Open House. Display Boards presented at meeting.

  • Lakemont Blvd. SE and Forest Drive SE
  • Lakemont Blvd. SE at SE Newport Way
  • I-90 eastbound on-ramp at SE Newport Way

For questions or comments, contact Jun An, project manager, at 425-452-4230.

140th Ave NE and 148th Ave NE Intersections Study

The current conditions of the following intersections have been analyzed and designs are being proposed to improve traffic flow. Please read more about this study in a recent mailer(May 2019). Comments on the proposed alternatives are requested by Friday, June 7, 2019 to Jun An, project manager, or 425-452-4230 or Darcy Akers, transportation engineer, or 425-452-6140.

  • 140th Ave. NE at NE 8th Street intersection (View graphic)
    • Proposed alternative: Convert the southbound right turn pocket into a shared through-right lane and widen south of the intersection to add a receiving lane. This would increase the southbound capacity of the intersection and reduce the bottleneck.
  • 148th Ave. NE at NE 8th Street intersection (View graphic)
    • Proposed alternative: The traffic analysis shows that adding dual lefts turn pockets in all directions provides the most benefit. However, depending on available funding, the improvement could be implemented in phases. If done in phases, the analysis showed the northbound and southbound dual left pockets would provide higher benefit to cost than the eastbound and westbound pockets. An upcoming signal maintenance project will be replacing the signal infrastructure and would accommodate this future widening.
  • 148th Ave. at Main Street intersection and vicinity (View graphic)
    • Proposed alternative: Modify the driveway at the south end of the Kelsey Creek Shopping Center to allow left turn access off 148th Avenue SE into and out of the shopping center and install traffic signal. By increasing access along 148th Avenue SE, traffic would be diverted from the shopping center driveways on Main Street, resulting in a reduction in vehicle delay at the intersection of 148th Avenue and Main Street.
  • 148th Ave. SE at Lake Hills Blvd. intersection (View graphic)
    • Proposed alternative: Widen the westbound approach from two lanes to three lanes and change the configuration to two left-turn lanes and one through/right lane. Traffic analysis showed this would increase capacity and would allow for traffic signal timing modifications that would improve operations overall.

Lake Washington Blvd at SE 60th Street

150th Ave. SE at SE Newport Way

This project includes construction of a new southbound right turn lane on 150th Ave. SE at SE Newport Way. The new lane will include sidewalk from Newport Way down the west side of 150th Ave SE to the six homes along this section of the roadway.

150th Ave. SE at SE 37th St

Design plans were completed to the 60 percent level for multiple capacity improvements at this intersection. This project will compete for final design and construction funding with projects identified in the 2018 Traffic Studies.

Eastgate Transportation Study

City staff and consultant team are working with the Transportation Commission and the Eastgate community to identify near-term projects to address congestion in Eastgate. The study outcome will include preliminary design plans and cost estimates.

NE 24th St. at 112th Ave. NE Traffic Signal

Design and construct a traffic signal at the intersection.

164th Ave. SE at Newport Way Mini Roundabout

Design and construct a mini-roundabout at the intersection. Project mailer (Aug. 2018).