Trends in Transit Reports

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The Transportation Department began an ongoing transit performance monitoring process in early 2014 with the publication of Trends in Transit: Spring 2013 Transit Usage Analysis.

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This effort is consistent with the measures of effectiveness identified in the Bellevue Transit Master Plan (see Appendix 7).

Through its work on the plan, the Transportation Commission proposed four measures to monitor progress in achieving Bellevue’s transit service vision:

  • Service availability on Bellevue’s Frequent Transit Network corridors, including both spatial (access to transit) and temporal (service frequency) attributes.
  • Transit usage in Bellevue’s Mobility Management Areas.
  • Person throughput by mode on Bellevue’s Frequent Transit Network corridors.
  • Travel time savings resulting from speed and reliability improvements on Bellevue’s Frequent Transit Network corridors.

The Transportation Department will regularly collect, analyze and publish data related to each of these measures as one aspect of the Transit Master Plan’s implementation. Some of these measures are reported more frequently than others.

For example, transit usage statistics will be measured twice annually (for the spring and fall service periods), while access to transit and travel time will be monitored only every few years as significant service changes are implemented.

For additional information about the measures of effectiveness used to track TMP progress, refer to Appendix 7 of the Bellevue Transit Master Plan or the Measures of Effectiveness Report.

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