'Park Smart' Yard Signs

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Traffic Circle

The city offers portable “Park Smart” yard signs to help educate the public about existing parking laws. These signs also inform vehicle owners that vehicles parked illegally may be subject to citation. Several signs are available based on the parking concern:

  • No Parking within 5 feet from a Driveway
  • No Parking within 15 feet from a Fire Hydrant
  • No Parking within 20 feet from the Corner

You are welcome to request these signs to be installed in your area. Upon receiving your request, staff will coordinate with you on how to get the signs to your neighborhood. These signs are placed on either your private property or in public locations that do not obstruct visibility for people traveling. Do not place them on someone else's property without their permission or too close to an intersection that it blocks visibility.  

Learn more about Parking Rules and Restrictions in Bellevue and review the Guide to Parking Laws 

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