Finance & Asset Management Department Performance

The Finance & Asset Management Department (FAM) manages the City's finances and various physical assets, ensuring effective use of Bellevue's financial and physical resources. FAM’s diverse sets of responsibilities provides services to both external customers including business and residents and internal customers including all of the departments that serve the City of Bellevue. As such, our mission of working together for a better, stronger future serves as both a future-focused and customer service-oriented lens that guides our work. Our department goals, serve as pillars of how we endeavor to perform our work in pursuit of fulfilling our mission.

Department Mission

Working together for a better, stronger future.

Department Goals

  • Goal 1: Foster an engaged workforce
  • Goal 2: Achieve a sustainable financial future
  • Goal 3: Ensure service delivery is reliable, accurate, and adaptable
  • Goal 4: Build strong & trusting partnerships with customers to achieve maximum customer value

Metric 1: Percent of Fleet Vehicle Availability

This measures accumulated hours of down time per vehicle and shows percentage of time vehicle was available for use.

How was this calculated?

Created custom hours available per vehicle per time period, measured total hours of down time and divided by total hours available for vehicle and displayed percentage available * 100.


Keeping vehicles on the road is the essential purpose of a fleet services organization. Our fleet team has consistently met or exceeded the target of 95%, which is a generally accepted industry benchmark. The rate of fleet availability is paramount to performing municipal services, as these vehicles are used by departments such as Transportation, Parks and Community Services, and Utilities to deliver high quality services to our community.

What are the next steps? 

We will continue to monitor performance levels and adjust service levels and scheduling accordingly.

Contact Name: Sean Pownall

Contact Email:

Contact Phone Number: 425-452-6022

Metric 2: Maintain the City's AAA Bond Rating

The City's bond rating indicates the financial health of the organization and the cost of borrowing.

How was this calculated?

Rating granted by the major bond rating agencies at time of bond issuance.


The AAA bond rating is the highest possible rating and maintaining the AAA rating continues the City’s legacy of fiscal stewardship. It reflects the overall economic and financial health of the City and ensures the low interest rate the City pays when borrowing funds for important capital projects. 

What are the next steps? 

We will continue our legacy of sound financial management to ensure that we receive a AAA bond rating in future years.

Contact Name: Evan Phillips

Contact Email:

Contact Phone Number: 425-452-2831

Metric 3: Preventative maintenance percent at primary municipal facilities (City Hall, BSC, Fire Stations).

Preventive maintenance minimizes corrective maintenance and maximizes equipment life, efficiency, and facility uptime.

How was this calculated?

The total cost of preventive and corrective labor, parts, and services are converted into dollars for each primary facility. Then divided by 100% of the combined total for that primary facility to obtain the corrective vs. preventive percentages.

Why is this important?

Maintaining this target results in enhanced operational effectiveness and efficiency, reduced operational costs, maximization of asset value and extension of asset life, and ability to optimize total cost of asset ownership. Though we fell short of achieving our target of 62% preventative maintenance in 2016 and 2017, we shifted strategy in 2018 and met target for two of our three categories of municipal facilities. That trend has continued in 2019, where we expect to meet target by year-end for all facilities.

What are the next steps? 

Add new items into the Maximo preventive maintenance work order system and annually adjust and modify all items for accuracy at all sites. Continue to incrementally increase Fire Station preventive maintenance work orders to reach goal at a rate that matches funding availability.

Contact Name: Demitri Bergeron

Contact Email:

Contact Phone Number: 425-452-6144