Graphic showing water meter access requirements: 1 foot around the water meter box at all times

Access to the water meter serving your residence is essential

The water meter on your property is owned and maintained by the City of Bellevue. Crews need immediate access to the meter at all times to read the meter, detect leaks, perform maintenance and repairs, and shut off the water in emergency situations. 

Homeowners are required to maintain at least one foot of clearance on all sides of the meter box.

What if the meter is not accessible?

You will receive a notice to take specific actions, including:

  • Trimming or removing vegetation around the water meter.
  • Removing or relocating an obstruction that prevents meter access, such as a fence or landscape feature.
  • Moving any vehicles parked on the meter.

If you are unable to correct this situation, the City may need to take further action to ensure we can deliver services. If you cannot take the required actions, or need assistance, please contact Utilities at 425-452-7840.

Meter location information

For most properties, the meter is located at the front of your property near the street or edge of the property, and is often marked with a white stripe on the curb

If you cannot locate your water meter, please contact 425-452-6973 or for a location description. Crews may also mark your meter location with a blue flag.