Woodridge Open Space

Local residents helped support the preservation of this open space, a 20-acre upland forest that is an integral piece of the Richards Valley Greenway. Woodland trails meander steep slopes and bridges, and cross small streams that trickle down the hill to Richards Creek. A dense, layered forest canopy of fir, cedar, and maple helps protect slopes and streams from runoff and erosion, and provides valuable wildlife habitat. Like the different floors in an apartment complex, the different layers of vegetation in the forest provide homes for numerous residents. What types of animals do you suppose live in the multi-tiered layers of the forest?

A half-mile loop trail provides Woodridge residents access to Richards Road, the Lake to Lake Trail, and Richards Valley Trail system. Future trails are planned in the adjacent open space to the north.

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Woodridge Open Space

12855 SE 17th St
Bellevue, WA 98005
United States

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