Program Goals

The City of Bellevue partners with more than 40 agencies to fund over 60 programs to provide health and human services primarily for low- and moderate-income residents. These programs are organized into five service categories:

  • Goal 1 - Food and shelter
  • Goal 2 - Supportive relationships within families, neighborhoods and communities
  • Goal 3 - Safe haven from violence and abuse
  • Goal 4 - Health care to be as physically and mentally fit as possible
  • Goal 5 - Education, support services and job skills for independent living

These programs represent a continuum of services, ranging from senior services to child care to mental health counseling. To ensure that the city is a good steward of the funds its distributes, contracts are awarded through a competitive process.

Partner agencies are monitored to ensure that they are financially sound, consumer-friendly and provide measurable outcomes to demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs. Some agencies have Seattle mailing addresses, but all serve Bellevue residents either through in-home outreach or satellite offices on the Eastside.