LEOFF 1 Disability Board

The LEOFF 1 Disability Board approves medical claims for active and retired fire and police LEOFF 1 members, and approves disability leaves and retirements for active fire and police LEOFF 1 members in accordance with provisions of RCW 41.26, WAC 415-105, and the City of Bellevue Disability Board policies and procedures.


The board is composed of five members: Two members of the City Council appointed by the mayor; one representative of law enforcement officers and one representative of firefighters, both elected by the representative active and retired LEOFF I and LEOFF II constituents; and one citizen-at-large who resides in Bellevue appointed by the four members. Each elected member may serve a two-year term.


The board meets the first Tuesday of the month at City Hall, at 6 p.m. in Room 1E-118. In the event the regular meeting day is a holiday, the meeting is moved to the following Tuesday. Meetings are open to the public.

Board Members

  • Councilmembers: Lynne Robinson and Vandana Slatter
  • Fire Representative: Wayne Bergeron
  • Police Representative: Bryan Reil, 425-442-9770
  • Citizen-at-large: Susan Neiman
  • Staff Assistant: Paula Dillon, 425-452-7198

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