Parking Development

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Parking standards and design requirements are found in Land Use Code 20.20.590, 20.25A.050 and 20.25D.120.

  • LUC 20.20.590 establishes the minimum and maximum parking spaces required for uses on property in any zoning district outside of the Downtown.
  • LUC 20.25A.050 establishes the minimum and maximum parking spaces required for uses on properties within the Downtown by zoning district.
  • LUC 20.25D.120 establishes the minimum and maximum parking spaces required for uses within the BelRed area by zoning district.

When do these requirements apply?

The minimum and maximum numbers of parking spaces need to be determined for all new development, new tenants, and new uses. The number of parking stalls that are required are based on the proposed use. Parking stall amounts are specified for most uses on charts found in the Land Use Code.

Businesses locating in a multi-tenant building or complex may be required to provide a parking analysis of existing uses to determine the adequacy of the available parking for the proposed use through the Tenant Improvement (TI) process.

Unspecified uses

If you cannot find a use on the applicable chart, it may be an unspecified use that requires more detailed analysis of parking demands. Common examples of such uses are:

  • Schools (public and private)
  • Nonprofit uses, i.e., maternity homes, food
  • Banks, transitional housing, etc.
  • Athletic/health clubs
  • Child care centers
  • Churches
  • Specialty uses
  • Parks / sports fields / swimming pools

The director of the Development Services Department will determine the parking requirement for an unspecified use. The decision may be based upon the following per LUC 20.20.590.F.2:

  • Documentation supplied by an applicant regarding actual parking demand for the proposed use; or
  • Evidence in available planning and technical studies relating to proposed use; or
  • Required parking for the proposed use as determined by other comparable jurisdictions.

In many cases, a parking demand analysis conducted by a traffic engineer is required. You should obtain a formal determination from us through the Preapplication Conference or Predevelopment Services prior to contracting with such a professional.

What other information does the Land Use Code provide?

Parking code sections of the Land Use Code also contain additional provisions related to:

  • Shared parking arrangements
  • Off-site parking arrangements
  • Parking and circulation improvements
  • Loading
  • Drive-through requirements
  • Internal walkways
  • Compact parking stalls
  • Parking stall and aisle dimensions
  • Striping details

Where are requirements for accessible parking located?

The requirements for accessible parking stalls and ramps are administered through the building codes.