Eviction Resolution

Governor Proclamation
In response to Gov. Inslee's June 29 proclamation, our agency cannot attest that our Eviction Resolution Pilot Program is operational as of July 1, 2021. We are reviewing our program and policies with all deliberate speed and working closely with our partners in order to ensure the eviction resolution pilot program is operational under SB 5160 and the proclamation.

Are you a renter at-risk for eviction or a landlord experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19?

Through the Eviction Resolution program, the Bellevue Conflict Resolution Center offers free mediation support to landlords and tenants in Bellevue and Kirkland experiencing rent arrearages. We do not provide legal advice or services; we bring both parties together to engage in dialogue and negotiation, so eviction can be avoided. Here’s how to get started:

  1. If you are a tenant and you want to propose a repayment plan for your landlord or you have received a notice and/or repayment plan proposal from your landlord, please fill in the confidential conflict resolution intake form with all the required information.
  2. If you are a landlord, please send us a copy of the notice and any repayment plan proposals you offered to us when you send it to your tenant(s). We can also help you draft and negotiate a repayment plan. (Landlords must offer a repayment plan in order to get a Certificate of Participation to file in court.)

If you cannot access the intake form or wish to talk to us, please call 425-452-4091 or email bcrc@bellevuewa.gov.

Steps you can (or should) take

  1. Tenants are responsible for unpaid rent. Starting in August 2021, rent must be renegotiated or paid in full.
  2. Tenants should not move out. Rent assistance may be denied if the tenant moves out.
  3. Landlords and tenants can apply for King County rental assistance right away.
  4. Contact the Bellevue Conflict Resolution Center to learn more to negotiate a rental repayment plan, and/or negotiate August rent.  (Landlords must offer a repayment plan in order to get a Certificate of Participation to file in court, if still desired).   The best way to contact BCRC is to fill out the online intake form.

Rent Negotiation Program

The Bellevue Conflict Resolution Center (BCRC) helps people who live and/or work in Bellevue resolve conflicts. Services are free, voluntary and confidential.

Because of COVID-19, tenants mostly can’t be evicted right now, but still owe any unpaid rent. Governor Inslee has asked Washington conflict resolution centers to help tenants and landlords negotiate these overdue bills, making an agreement that can work for everyone.

BCRC volunteers are not judges and don’t take sides. We help landlords and tenants equally. Language services available.

When you call BCRC:

1. We will listen.

2. We will help you fill out a worksheet* that describes your financial situation, and helps you decide how much negotiation room you have.

3. We then call the other party, landlord or tenant, to do the same.

4. If you are both interested, we help you negotiate to come to a repayment plan that both sides can live with.

5. We then send an email to say that you both participated in the process, attaching the worksheet and any other documents.

6. Even if the other party doesn’t want to work with us, calling BCRC to complete the worksheet may help show good faith that you tried to fix things.

We will help guide you through the Attorney General’s Rent Repayment Plan worksheet. When completed, this worksheet acts as a formal agreement between landlord and tenant about what debt is owed, what debt is forgiven, what payment is affordable, and how any rental assistance dollars are being applied.

We can help you come up with partial agreements if you can’t agree on the whole amount, and agreements about how future rent will be paid. We are neutral, helping both landlord and tenant explore their options and pass along offers.

Our service is both free and confidential, and we provide interpreters as needed. If you want to start a conversation about how to deal with unpaid rent, and aren’t sure how to get started - please fill out the Request Assistance Intake Form.


If you are looking for help paying for rent, and aren’t sure where to go, the City of Bellevue offers a COVID Resource Navigator program, to help you figure out which programs will best fit your needs.

  • For assistance, call 425-452-2800 • minich@bellevuewa.gov 

The City of Bellevue also maintains a current list of all the human service agencies in Bellevue, and the types of help they provide:

King County is starting the next round of the Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Program (EPRAP). The program helps people experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 who are at risk of housing instability or homelessness.

What is Eviction Resolution Program? Video
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