Citywide LUCA for Shelter Use

On Feb. 12, 2018, Mayor John Chelminiak announced that the council will begin the discussion for the permanent land use code regulations regarding homeless shelters. The goal was to develop a permanent citywide Land Use Code amendment (LUCA) for adoption by the August recess.

On July 16, in a 4-3 vote, the council adopted a LUCA for shelters and homeless services. The vote did not involve the selection of a specific site for a permanent men’s shelter.

Before and after the final vote, councilmembers thanked the community for its engagement and involvement in the LUCA process. Starting in March 2018, the council sought public input for development of the regulations. The effort included a citywide online survey, one large workshop at City Hall, an optional “listening session” and two “Q&A sessions” at local community centers (see below for more details). A public hearing was held on June 11.

Past Meeting Updates

  • May 7
  • April 23

Community workshop

On April 3 the city hosted a community workshop at City Hall.The interactive event offered attendees an opportunity to learn more about what goes into developing a LUCA, hear about the results from a recent Citywide Permanent Shelter Survey, discuss key components involved in homeless shelter permitting, and see the next steps in the process.

The workshop also included a facilitated listening session with roundtable discussion. This optional session was intended to stimulate conversation among community members about how land use regulations can help make a shelter, that’s located in Bellevue, be successful.

Informational flyers and other documents:

S Bellevue Image

Crossroads image

City Hall Image

Smaller Q&A sessions

For those unable to attend the April 3 workshop, two additional, smaller information sessions were offered for participants to get questions answered and learn about next steps in the process. The sessions were held on April 5 at the Crossroads Community Center (10 – 11:30 a.m.) and the South Bellevue Community Center (5:30 – 7:00 p.m.). See above for workshop documents and presentation materials.


Residents were encouraged to participate in a citywide survey, which was open from March 7 - 21. Results and additional comments gathered by the survey are now posted online for the public to view:

Results of the survey were shared with attendees at the April 3 community workshop and smaller April 5 Q&A sessions.

Send an email

Residents can continue to provide direct feedback at any time by emailing their comments to