• Tap and Connection Requests

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    Please review the tap and connection property listing to confirm that a property is in a tap and connection zone. To search for an address, use the Ctrl+F function on your keyboard. 

    If the property is listed:

    1. Submit a tap and connection request via email to the city indicating that “This property is listed in a Tap and Connection Zone” as listed on the form.
    2. Save the form to your desktop, then open it and fill it out. Make sure to fill out the form completely (instructions for form).

    If your property is not listed, a tap and connection request is no longer required and you may print out the tap and connection letter for your files.

    Turnaround Time

    The standard turnaround time for a tap and connection is one week from the day the city receives the completed request form. DO NOT resubmit the request form as this will replace your initial request and cause a delay. There is no rush or expedited service for tap and connection requests.

    For information regarding local improvement districts (LID) or utilities local improvement district (ULID) assessments, contact Aaron Julius at AJulius@bellevuewa.gov or 425-452-6101.