Streets and Sidewalks

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The Transportation Department maintains and repairs streets, traffic signs, guardrails, sidewalks, walkways, traffic markings and trails in the right of way.

To report the following, please call Operations and Maintenance. (If your concern needs prompt attention, please call the 24-hour emergency response line at 425-452-7840):

  • Potholes (response target is within 24 hours)
  • Hazardous road conditions, such as down trees, snow and ice, etc.
  • Down or damaged stop or yield signs
  • Flooding
  • Sidewalk concerns

Street Sweeping

Bellevue's 1,100-plus lane miles of roadway are swept on the following schedule:
  • Signed bike lanes - twice a month
  • Main arterials - once a month
  • Residential streets - two to three times a year.

After snow and ice events, sweepers are temporarily taken off regular routes to remove traction sand from roads for safety and environmental reasons.

Residential sweeping 2020-2021

Street sweeping in residential neighborhoods resumes Oct. 5 after a pause during the statewide, COVID-19-related Stay Home Stay Healthy order. Street sweeping is an important tool in keeping roadways safe for people who bicycle, walk and drive.

Property owners are asked to help the street sweeping effort by trimming back tree branches and shrubs that overhang the street or sidewalk (diagram showing trimming guidelines). More information is available in the city code.

Residential streets will be swept on weekdays according to the following schedule, which is subject to change. The districts referred to are shown in the in the arterial sweeping priority map. A rough schedule is shown below. It is subject to change and impacted by weather, equipment availability and staffing. 

  • Oct. 5: District 3 (approximately 10 work days to complete)
  • Nov. 11: District 4 (approximately 8 work days)
  • Nov. 30: District 5 (approximately 7 work days)
  • Dec. 15: District 1 (approximately 5 work days)
  • Jan. 7: District 2 (approximately 6 work days)


The city cleans sidewalks along main arterials once a year. Residents and property managers are asked to maintain sidewalks adjacent to their properties.


It is illegal to cut or top a tree in the right of way. If a tree falls into the street or other public right of way, please call Operations and Maintenance at 425-452-7840. If a tree falls on your property, call a tree removal company.

If you have yard debris service with Republic Services, the company will pick up branches less than four inches in diameter and under four feet in length. Please put them into your green yard debris container or bundle them and tie with natural twine or rope; then place at the curb on your regular pickup day. Do not put branches or vegetation debris in the street. For larger branches, call a tree removal company.