Street Sweeping

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Bellevue has more than 1,100 lane miles of streets and keeping them clean is important. Regularly swept streets help prevent leaves and other debris from clogging storm water drains, which can cause street flooding. Sweeping also makes streets safer for bicyclists and helps prevent flat tires for drivers. 

Pilot program on SE 41st Place 

Map of pilot arear

The city is implementing a street cleaning pilot program along SE 41st Place, between Factoria Boulevard and 124th Avenue SE. Starting Wed., Oct. 27, street crews will clean to the curb on both sides of SE 41st Place between 9 a.m. and noon.

Cleaning should take less than 30 minutes and is scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month during the fall and winter. People who park within the pilot area (see map) are asked to move their vehicles prior to the scheduled street cleanings. Warnings, and possibly citations, may be issued for the failure to move vehicles.

Citywide sweeping schedule

Bellevue streets are swept on the following schedule:

  • Signed bike lanes - twice a month
  • Main arterials - once a month
  • Residential streets - two to three times a year

Residential streets are swept on weekdays, by area, using an arterial sweeping priority map.

After snow and ice events, sweepers are temporarily taken off regular routes to remove traction sand from roads for safety and environmental reasons.

How property owners can help

Property owners are asked to help the street sweeping effort: 

  • Trim back tree branches and shrubs that overhang the street or sidewalk (diagram showing trimming guidelines; more information available in the city code).
  • Clear nearby stormwater drains of leaves and other debris to help prevent street flooding. 
  • Keep the street clear of garbage and recycling containers, and other objects so sweepers can clean all the way to the curb.