Budget Public Involvement

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Those interested in providing input into the development of the 2023-2024 budget have opportunities to participate in the process between now and when the City Council adopts the budget this fall including:

Business Survey

The city conducts a business survey to address Bellevue's key metrics, attitudes about operating and owning a business, starting a business, and questions relating to taxation. The survey has been conducted every other year since 2015. Estimated publish date of this survey has been traditionally in the fall timeframe. As the Business Survey begins, staff will update the publication date.

Publish Date: Fall 2022
Previous Business Survey Reports: Business Surveys

Budget Survey

In preparation for the new budget, the City conducts a budget survey each biennium. The survey is designed to provide a statistically valid tool to enhance the City’s knowledge of residents’ perceptions about the City and to better understand community priorities and expectations regarding City services. This survey has been conducted every other year since 1998. The survey is currently in the field and results will be posted this spring.

Publish Date: Spring 2022
Previous Budget Survey Reports: Budget Surveys

Performance Survey

The Performance Survey is designed to gauge how the City meets the needs of its residents. The survey asks about: overall quality of life, overall quality of City services, comparability to other communities, direction the City is headed, and the value of services for tax dollars paid. The methodology for the Performance Survey is similar to that of the Budget Survey. Initial results of the 2021 Performance Survey were presented to Council and the public on December 13, 2021 (Agenda Materials). Estimated publish date of this survey report is expected in Spring 2022.

Publish Date: Spring 2022
Previous Reports: Performance Surveys

Public Hearings

The City Council historically holds three public hearings and will continue this practice as part of the 2023-2024 budget process to provide stakeholders multiple opportunities to officially comment on the operating and capital budgets. Generally, two public hearings are held prior to the submission of the Preliminary Budget to Council and offer residents and other stakeholders the opportunity to let the Council know what issues are important to them in advance of the Preliminary Budget. The third and final public hearing is held after the Preliminary Budget is transmitted to Council and, before Council adopts to budget to provide interested parties an opportunity to address new budget proposals and comment on budget issues.

1st Public Hearing: May 23, 2022

2nd Public Hearing: July 2022

3rd Public Hearing: Late October or Early November 2022

Public Comment

The public is welcomed to speak during public comment periods at all regular Council meetings. The public is also welcome to provide written comment to the Council by emailing Council@BellevueWA.gov, subject line “Written Communications” by 3PM on the day of each Council meeting. Council agendas are posted on the Council website in advance of the meetings.
Date: All Council Meetings
Materials: Council Agendas

Boards and Commissions

Four city boards and commissions provide input on the budget process:

Email/Contact Councilmembers

Comments to the full City Council may be made by email to Council@BellevueWA.gov or by leaving a voicemail with the Council Office at 425-452-7810.

Email/Contact Finance & Asset Management

  • Presentations to neighborhood groups, business associations and others:

The Finance & Asset Management Department will give presentations about the budget upon request to any group. Please contact us by phone, 425-452-5281, or email FAM@bellevuewa.gov

  • Information provided upon request:

The Finance & Asset Management Department responds to any communication received regarding the budget process. Please contact us by phone, 425-452-5281, or email FAM@bellevuewa.gov.