Minor Clearing and Grading Permit

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For clearing and grading on a single-family property not combined with a building permit. (GA)

  • Landscape changes involving over 1,000 square feet of clearing and/or over 50 cubic yards of grading.
  • Construction of rockeries and modular block walls over 4 feet in height.
  • Removal of any significant tree 8 inches or greater in diameter in the R-1 zoning district in the Bridle Trails area.
  • Removal of any landmark tree 24 inches or greater in diameter and at least 20 feet tall.
  • Removal or more than 5 significant trees 8 inches or greater in diameter within any three-year period. 
  • Cutting and removal of trees and other vegetation, and grinding or removal of stumps (with total excavation and filling of 10 cubic yards or less).

Apply for this permit online at MyBuildingPermit. When entering your Application Information, choose the following:

  1. Application type: Clearing and Grading
  2. Project type: Single Family Residential 
  3. Activity type: Trees or Vegetation Only or Landscaping and Hardscaping Only
  4. Scope of work: Tree Removal or Vegetation

Required Documents

The documents listed below are the minimum necessary to proceed with the application process. If you believe that a required submittal document does not apply to your project, please upload the Document Waiver Form in place of the required document. 

Additional Documents and Requirements

These items may be required during plan review, as determined by the scope of your project.

  • Right of Way Use Permit
  • Stream Typing Report
  • Only licensed contractors may remove Landmark Trees. The licensed contractor's name, address, phone number, and current and valid Washington State contractor registration number must be provided before permit issuance. 

Fees and Timelines