• Adult Family Home Requirements

    If the adult family home will be a newly constructed residence or a residence converted to an adult family home during an addition or remodel, a separate permit will not be required.

    If no work is being done to the building, a stand-alone adult family home permit will be required. Apply for this permit online at MyBuildingPermit. To select the correct permit type, make the following selections when prompted during the application:

    • Jurisdiction: Bellevue
    • Application Type: Building
    • Project Type: Single Family Residential
    • Activity Type: Adult Family Home Inspection Only

    When asked for a valuation, enter $1000. This is the standard valuation for an adult family home with no work being done.

    Submittal Requirements

    Upload the following files when prompted (these files are required for both a stand-alone permit and when adding an adult family home to a new residence, addition or remodel):

    • A floor plan of the dwelling (minimum sheet size is 11 x 17).
      • Identify means of egress and any components of the means of egress (stairways, ramps, etc.)
      • Clearly note the classification of each sleeping room. See IRC Section 325.3.
      • Identify the square footage of the floor area for all living space and garage/storage space
    • The DSHS checklist

    Inspections are required

    A final building inspection will be required for a stand-alone permit. Make sure to have the permit, approved floor plan and the DSHS inspection checklist available for the inspector.