• Reduced Minimum Residential Parking Standards

    The City Council has adopted an Interim Official Control (IOC) which establishes temporary regulations for reduced minimum residential parking standards when located near frequent transit. These regulations are effective as of May 23, 2020. A copy of the regulations and map of potentially affected areas are under Project Documents.

    What is Happening Now?

    The next step is to develop a permanent residential parking Land Use Code Amendment (LUCA) that advances the city’s Affordable Housing Strategy and is consistent with recent State legislation. Staff plans to fully review how the interim standards address parking needs and impact the community, and evaluate other alternatives as appropriate. Staff is also planning to further engage with stakeholders and other interested parties to seek comments and feedback.


    In 2017, the City Council adopted the Affordable Housing Strategy (AHS) in recognition of the affordable housing crisis in the city and has committed to implementing specific recommendations to increase the supply of affordable housing. This includes recommendations to reduce parking requirements in order to lower the costs of building affordable housing.

    In 2020, the Washington State Legislation adopted SHB 2343, amending RCW 36.70A.620, in order to increase housing supply. A portion of the legislation imposed caps on minimum residential parking spaces that cities can require for certain residential developments that are within one-quarter mile of transit stops that receive a minimum number of transit trips per hour.


    This project will recommend new residential minimum parking standards that balance the need for more affordable housing options and sufficient parking to support development located near frequent transit stops.

    Upcoming Opportunities to Engage

    No scheduled events at this time. Comments and questions should be sent to the senior planner.  

    Here is a list of major project milestones and decision-points that have taken place.


    Meeting, Event or Action Taken



    City Council
    Topic: Adoption of Interim Official Control

    Agenda Items


    City Council
    Topic: Public hearing on Interim Official Control

    Agenda Items

    10/26/20 City Council
    Topic: Public hearing to extend Interim Official Control
    Agenda Items

    Key Items

    Anticipated Date

    Adoption of IOC

    Completed 5/18/20

    East Bellevue Community Council Public Hearing

    Completed 6/30/20

    City Council Public Hearing  Completed 7/6/20
    City Council Public Hearing to Extend IOC Completed 10/26/20
    Start Public Outreach November 2020
    East Bellevue Community Council Public Hearings December 2020
    Adoption of Permanent Regulations Spring 2021