Public Wi-Fi

Through a service called BellevueConnect, the City of Bellevue offers free wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) to visitors at select city facilities. It is available at the following locations:

  • City Hall
  • South Bellevue Community Center
  • North Bellevue Community Center
  • Highland Community Center
  • Crossroads Community Center


Through BellevueConnect_Outdoor, the city offers Wi-Fi in the downtown core, flanked by 112th Avenue Northeast on the east, 100th Avenue Northeast on the west, Northeast Fourth Street on the south and Northeast Eighth Street on the north. BellevueConnect_Outdoor is also available at Bellevue Downtown Park. The service is free and typically serves more than 5,000 users per week.

Image of map of area served by BellevueConnect_Outdoor

How to Use

If you are within range of either of these networks and wish to use them, follow the Wi-Fi set up steps for your mobile device and find BellevueConnect or BellevueConnect_Outdoor on the list of networks. We hope you enjoy the convenience of the Wi-Fi service, but please beware of the following limitations:

  • While the city does use some basic Internet security filtering, there is no filtering on objectionable content
  • This is a free, open, wireless service, so there are no assurances on security or privacy
  • There is no guarantee on performance or reliability of the service, as it may vary based on demand.
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