Public Wi-Fi

The City of Bellevue offers a service called BellevueConnect, the BellevueConnect service offers free Wi-Fi to the public at select city facilities and has been expanded into outdoor locations. BellevueConnect is available at the following city facilities:

  • City Hall
  • South Bellevue Community Center
  • North Bellevue Community Center
  • Highland Community Center
  • Crossroads Community Center
  • Crossroads Mini City Hall
  • Lewis Creek Visitor Center

Outdoor Public Wi-Fi Coverage

Image of map of downtown bellevue area served by BellevueCon
Downtown Bellevue (North to South = NE 8th to Main Street | East to West = 110th Ave NE to 112th Ave NE)
Image of map of crossroads area served by BellevueConnect_Ou
Crossroads Mall Neighborhood / Crossroads Park

The City of Bellevue has also expanded its Public Wi-Fi coverage in outdoor areas. BellevueConnect outdoor coverage is intended to be a best effort service for public and offer no guarantees in reliability of service. The service is free and typically serves more than 6,000 users per week. Outdoor Wi-FI coverage is available in the following locations:

How to Use

If you are within range of BellevueConnect and wish to use the service, follow the Wi-Fi connection steps for your mobile device and find BellevueConnect in your list of available networks. Simply select the BellevueConnect wireless network, once selected a Splash page should automatically pop-up asking you to accept the Terms and Agreement. Select Accept to connect to BellevueConnect. (If the Terms and Agreement page does not automatically pop-up, open a web browser and you should automatically be presented with the Terms and Agreement).

We hope you enjoy the convenience of the Wi-Fi service, but please beware of the following limitations:

  • While the city does use some basic Internet security filtering, there is no filtering on objectionable content
  • This is a free, open, wireless service, so there are no assurances on security or privacy
  • There is no guarantee on performance or reliability of the service, as it may vary based on demand.