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ITD is a centralized technology department of approximately 60 professionals with a commitment to public service, innovation, continuous learning and collaboration.

The department develops and/or maintains 122 applications across our service portfolio.  ITD supports 1,889 computers and tablets, 1705 phone extensions, 122 applications and 50 physical servers and 230 virtual servers.

These assets are utilized by 1,600 employees in 14 departments at 35 different locations. In 2016, the ITD provided resolution for 13,923 requests for services in the help desk, graphic design and mapping.

ITD partners with transportation to manage more than 80 miles of fiber and conduit throughout the city. The fiber optic ring that the Community Connectivity Consortium (C3) has implemented connects the region’s government facilities (City Halls, data centers, EOCs, 911 centers), hospitals, school districts and university and college campuses.  We also have 68 outdoor Wi-Fi access points in Downtown and Crossroads.

ITD services include the following teams:

  • Technology Business Systems (TBS):

    provides technical services to support department’s software applications including purchasing, implementation, and ongoing technical support and enhancements of applications. TBS also provides IT business analysts support and IT project management services for larger IT projects.
  • Application Development

    builds and maintains custom-developed applications for all City departments and the regional eCityGov Alliance, which currently totals 65 unique applications. This portfolio newly includes web design and programming, user interface design and software application testing.
  • Geospatial Technology Services (GTS)

    acquires and maintains geographic data and provides data analysis and mapping services including GTS based application development to support residents and our increasingly mobile workforce.
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  • Graphic Design Services

    provides custom print and web design solution for public facing outreach, events, promotions and the city’s website and mobile applications. 
  • Network System and Security (NSS)  

    manages the core technology infrastructure including wired and wireless networks to enable the City’s systems to connect and communicate, phone systems infrastructure, data center facilities, servers that run the city’s main applications, database that contain critical information and a security program that protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of networks and the City’s digital information.
  • eGov Service

    Delivery provides development, project management, financial, help desk and oversight services to the EGov Alliance, a partnership amount many local jurisdictions. This team currently supports the Alliance as whole and applications including MBP, GovJobs Today and NW Properties.
  • Customer Technology Services (CTS)

    include help desk support and account maintenance, technology training, equipment and software purchasing and ongoing management, maintenance, troubleshooting and security of computers, phones, tablets and software.
  • Business Operations

    provides strategic technology leadership within organization and the region including planning and oversight ITD business line planning and oversight, financial and administrative support (budgeting, forecasting, billings, rate modeling, accounts payable, contract routing to name a few), weekly council video encoding and web posting  and franchise agreement administration.
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