Additional information about the siting of a permanent men's shelter and supportive housing in Bellevue is available here, including:

Council Meeting May 2016
  • Related policy issues
  • Due diligence reports
  • Meeting materials
  • Questions and Answer documents
  • Public outreach efforts (including news releases)
  • Media reports

Key documents regarding the shelter siting process:

Related Policy Issues

Homelessness overview Permanent safe injection site ban in Bellevue Shelter use designation in Land Use Code (more details on the Citywide Shelter LUCA page.) May 21, 2018 Council Study Session Video May 21, 2018 News Release: Council Roundup May 21, 2018 Council Agenda Packet


May 7, 2018 Council Study Session Video May 7, 2018 News Release: Council Roundup May 7, 2018 Council Agenda Packet


April 23, 2018 Council Extended Study Session Video April 23, 2018 News Release: Council Roundup April 23, 2018 Police Analysis April 23, 2018 Council Agenda Packet


March 5, 2018 Council Extended Study Session Video March 5, 2018 News Release: Council Roundup March 5, 2018 Council Agenda Packet March 5, 2018 Council Roundup


Jan. 22, 2018 Council Extended Study Session, Public Hearing Video Jan. 22, 2018 Council Roundup news release Jan. 22, 2018 Council Agenda Packet


Sept. 25, 2017 Council Extended Study Session Video Sept. 25, 2017 News Release: Council Roundup Sept. 25, 2017 Council Agenda Memo


Aug. 7, 2017 Council Regular Session Video Aug. 7, 2017 News Release: Council bans safe injection sites in Bellevue Aug. 7, 2017 News Release: Council Roundup Aug. 7, 2017 Council Agenda Packet

Due Diligence Reports

Meeting Materials

Public Outreach

The City of Bellevue has reached out to the community about the Permanent Men’s Shelter and Supportive Housing project through news releases, fliers and A-boards posted in businesses, community centers and libraries, Neighborhood News e-newsletter, social media, and articles in the It’s Your City newsletter.

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News Releases

BTV: BellevueNOW

It’s Your City

Articles about the Eastside Men’s Shelter and homelessness on the Eastside have been published in the following issues of the “It’s Your City” newsletter mailed to every home in Bellevue:

Neighborhood News

Articles for the Eastside Men’s Shelter can be found in the following monthly newsletters:

Outreach to surrounding businesses and residential

In August 2016, outreach staff distributed information packets and fliers to 114 surrounding businesses north and south of Interstate 90, and libraries and faith communities in Eastgate. Additionally, outreach was done to the nearby residential communities of Sunset Ridge, Harmony, Seasons at Madrona and Sunset Community Association as well as Bellevue College, the Eastgate park and ride, and Public Health - Seattle and King County.

Stakeholder briefings

The city provided stakeholder briefings for interested parties who wanted more information about this project. City staff and staff from Congregations for the Homeless met with residents and business owners to provide information about the project, identify specific concerns and provide answers to questions of local concern.

Stakeholder briefings have been provided to:

  • Sunset Community Association Board

  • Harmony at Madrona

  • Eastgate Residents

  • Seasons At Madrona Park HOA

  • Sunset Ridge

  • Intellectual Ventures

  • Urban Renaissance

  • Eastgate Public Health Seattle

  • King County Metro

  • Bellevue College

  • Eastside Christian School

  • Planning Commission

  • Human Services Commission

  • Youth Link Board Retreat

These stakeholder briefings are ongoing and available upon request.

If you have questions, comments or would like to request a stakeholder briefing, please contact Mike McCormick Huentelman, mmhuent@bellevuewa.govor 425-452-4089.

Media Stories

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