Planning for the Eastside Men's Shelter

The City Council Vision Priorities direct the city to work with regional partners to “establish an Eastside permanent winter homeless shelter to be ready for the winter of 2018/19.”

This priority echoes the council’s adopted 2014 Diversity Advantage plan. The plan includes an action item for “supporting the establishment of a year-round homeless shelter on the Eastside.”

These directive actions are consistent with Comprehensive Plan policies adopted in 2015 including:

  • HO-35: Support regional efforts to prevent homelessness, and make homelessness rare, brief, and one-time when it occurs. Provide a range of affordable housing options and support efforts to move homeless persons and families to long-term financial independence.

  • HO-36: Collaborate with other jurisdictions and social service organizations to assure availability of emergency shelter and day centers that address homelessness.

  • HS-14: Support agencies locating human service facilities in Bellevue and, where appropriate, encourage efficiencies through agency collocation and collaboration.

  • HS-18: Support an intentional local community response to homelessness with housing and supportive services provided to families, youth and single adults.

An early rendering of what the Eastside Side Men’s Shelter and Supportive Housing project could look like, is below. Shelter Preliminary Vision   

Winter Shelter History

Since the winter of 2008, Bellevue has hosted a low barrier men’s shelter, located at interim sites in four different neighborhoods: Crossroads, Northeast Bellevue, BelRed and Wilburton. A day services center has also operated downtown.

Recognizing the challenges of a temporary shelter, the City Council set a goal to establish the shelter at a permanent location.

In the interim, the Eastside Men’s Shelter is located at:

Lincoln Center, 555 116th Ave. NE.



On July 16, the City Council adopted a Land Use Code Amendment for shelters and homeless services. The vote did not involve the selection of a site for a permanent men’s shelter. More details on the process

Next Steps:

During the July 23 meeting councilmembers agreed to study expanding operations at the temporary men’s shelter at Lincoln Center and other similar locations to year-round. The information generated by the feasibility study was expected to be reviewed sometime in October.


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