• Vaccines now in Bellevue

    With the number of people eligible for the coronavirus vaccine growing, many Bellevue residents are eager to know if and where they can receive the vaccine nearby. 

    The first step is to check your eligibility with findyourphasewa.com, the state Department of Health's vaccine eligibility screening survey. If you are eligible to receive the vaccine in the current phase, the website has a list of locations providing vaccines. Overlake Medical Center and the Safeway pharmacy on Bellevue Way are on the list. Please note that the providers on the state list may no have vaccine doses yet or may be booked out for the near future. 

    Eligibility must be documented, and online appointments must be made with Overlake and Safeway on their websites. The City of Bellevue is not currently providing any vaccines to the public.  

    As of Jan. 18, people in phase 1a and 1b were eligible, including:

    • health workers
    • firefighter/medics
    • police
    • residents and staff of nursing homes, assisted living facilities
    • anyone over age 65
    • anyone over 50 with medical conditions that put them at significant risk or who live in a multigenerational households. 

    Gov. Jay Inslee has announced an updated statewide vaccine distribution plan to increase the number of Washingtonians vaccinated and establish infrastructure capable of mass vaccinations in the coming months. 

    While many people in Phase 1a have received their first vaccines, the Bellevue Fire Department is deploying mobile teams of firefighter/emergency medical technicians to adult family homes, where staff and residents have yet to be vaccinated. The fire department is not yet equipped with vaccine doses and instructions to schedule vaccinations for the public. 

    The state Department of Health has the most accurate, current information about vaccines in Washington. Details about vaccines in Bellevue are available at BellevueWA.gov/coronavirus-vaccines. You can sign up for alerts to receive emails or texts about updates regarding vaccines in Bellevue. 

    Published on 01/21/2021