• Council Roundup: Business survey results and Comprehensive Plan Amendment recommendations

    Plus, Census 2020 planning 

    On Monday the City Council received an initial report on results for the city’s biennial business survey. More than 1,000 businesses responded to the 2019 survey – the highest participation rate to date. The majority of survey participants were small businesses and those operating in Bellevue since at least 2010. 

    In general, business responses revealed positive business conditions with 91 percent of respondents reporting that Bellevue’s economy is better than other Puget Sound cities and towns and 80 percent saying their businesses were either somewhat or very strong. Businesses cited regional issues such as transportation, affordable housing and access to talent and employees as top challenges. 

    The full results of the survey will be posted Nov. 8 to the city’s business survey web page. The survey results are helping to inform the Economic Development Plan update and council will receive a report on that project at its Dec. 2 council meeting.

    2019 annual Comprehensive Plan Amendment recommendations

    The council reviewed planning commission recommendations on amending the Comprehensive Transportation Project List (CTPL) in Volume II of the Comprehensive Plan. These amendments will align the CTPL with projects and priorities identified in the previous council-initiated Eastgate Transportation Study.

    Councilmembers also received the planning commission’s recommendations to amend the annual Comprehensive Plan review procedures in the Land Use Code (LUC). Proposed code amendments intend to ensure adequate time for effective community engagement during the plan amendment process, and that the process maintains the stability and transparency goals of the city.    

    The council will bring these topics back for discussion and action on the recommendations later in the year. The full discussion is available online through Bellevue Television

    Census 2020

    In other business, the council received an update on ongoing efforts to raise awareness of the upcoming 2020 Census and the importance of responding promptly. Bellevue contributed to the Regional Census Fund and is part of the East King County Community Counts Committee, a partnership of several Eastside cities, school districts and community organizations who are working cooperatively to ensure everyone is informed about the 2020 Census.   

    Next March, Bellevue households will receive a postcard in the mail inviting them to go online to fill out the census questionnaire. Visit the city’s 2020 Census web page to learn more. 

    Published on 11/06/2019