• 2020 Census coming to a mailbox near you

    Invitations being sent to residents starting this week

    Bellevue residents should start looking in their mailboxes over the next two weeks for their 2020 census invitation from the U.S. Census Bureau. 

    Participating in the census ensures appropriate levels of funding for critical public services such as roads, schools, hospitals, emergency response and hundreds of other programs for local communities. The City of Bellevue created an informational web page to illustrate the importance of counting everyone in the census, including details on how the census works and why it matters.

    The city’s Census 2020 page features videos and a brochure in several languages. The brochure lists the 10 questions asked in the census questionnaire along with some of the benefits received in Bellevue based on census data. 

    Additionally, the site provides outreach materials including a sample newsletter article, email and poster that can be used by the public to promote the census within their broader communities. 

    The federal government also offers census resources.

    Residents can respond to the census online, over the phone or by mail. In Bellevue, data from the last census taken in 2010 contributed to the allocation of $112.2 million for the Bellevue School District, $76.2 million for transportation projects, $5.8 million for Community Development Block Grants and $40.9 million in Washington state tax distributions over the past 10 years. 

    Published on 03/10/2020