Assemblies and Classroom Workshops

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Recycling and Waste Prevention


Bellevue Utilities and King County offer a schoolwide assembly and individual classroom workshops about the city’s waste reduction and recycling goals. Both the assembly and workshops are tailored to align with key messages specific to Bellevue. Workshops are available for second- and third-grade classes in the fall and fourth- and fifth-grade classes in the spring. There are multiple choices for workshops including: Healthy Habitat, Habitat Stewardship, Recycling Basics, Rethink and Reuse, Garbology, and Worm Bins.

Salmon Cycle

Learn about the incredible journey of this keystone species from this classroom workshop offered by Bellevue Utilities (grades 4-5).

Powerful Choices

Bellevue Utilities presents a program to explore the links between personal consumer choices, the health of Puget Sound, and impacts on climate change. The following workshops are offered.

A water systems workshop is offered for fifth-graders, a climate change workshop is offered for sixth-graders, and a workshop on ecosystems is offered for seventh graders.


Cascade Water Alliance offers classroom presentations about water. Presentations include: Water Cycle Terrariums (grades K-3); Drops Cycle Round (grades 4-6); Watch the Flow (grades 1-6); Natural Filters (grades 2-6); Water Conservation (grades 5-9); Water Supply (Grades 5-9); “Toadally” Amphibians (grades K-4); Salmon Cycle (grades 3-12); All Watershed Dynamics (Enviroscape) (grades 2-8); Waterwise Gardening (grades 3-5)

Pollution Prevention Workshop and Student Action Campaign

“The Solution to Poo-llution” Student Pet Waste Action Campaign (grades 3-5) includes a 60-minute kickoff classroom presentation provided to help students lead a community action campaign at their school. This workshop encourages students to explore a local water quality issue - the impacts of pollution from pet waste bacteria in local watersheds - and empowers them to become leaders in the solution. This workshop is perfect for both classrooms and Green Teams interested in learning about watersheds, pollution prevention, and environmental leadership!