Traffic Signals

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Bellevue operates and maintains traffic signals at more than 200 intersections. Many of these signals are linked to City Hall, where engineers continually adjust their timing to keep traffic moving. On a typical day, approximately 26 corridors in Bellevue have some traffic signal coordination.

Traffic Management Center

image of Signal Engineer working in the Traffic Management C

The Traffic Management Center at City Hall is where traffic engineers work to keep traffic flowing every day.

During special events and the holiday shopping season, the center helps minimize congestion, using tools to monitor and control traffic, including:

  • Adaptive traffic signal system: The system allows engineers to coordinate traffic signals for better traffic flow and to make real-time signal timing adjustments to address traffic impacted by large events or congestion.
  • Real time traffic map: Displays current traffic levels on city arterial streets, helping engineers pinpoint congestion locations. The map is also available to the public to help people make better decisions about trip routes and travel time.

A short video provides a closer look at the Traffic Management Center.